Most people buy resale homes, or homes that have previously been sold. But another option is to buy straight from the builder.  

Most people think that buying a new home is out of their price range, but it can be an affordable option; it is worth exploring. 

Here are three ways new homes can save you money.

Lower taxes: Property taxes are based on the value of the property from last January. For example, if you start building a home in June 2019, the taxable value of the home is from January 2018. At that time the property was just a lot, which has less value. Less value means less taxes for you and a lower payment until the home is assessed.

Warranties: Since everything in the house is new, pretty much everything is under warranty. This will help with costs should anything go wrong in the first 5-10 years of ownership, especially with big items like HVAC systems and the roof.

Energy Efficiency: New homes usually have energy star appliances, double-pane windows, lots of insulation, as well as other energy saving items. This can have a huge effect on the total cost of ownership since your utility bills will most likely be less than in an older home.

“Keep in mind, buying a new home has different contracts, timelines, and requirements than purchasing a resale. Customarily, builder contracts are written to benefit the builder. I work as your advocate to ensure you get the best terms and guide you from start to finish with care and attention.” 

Do you have questions about a new home purchase in the Austin/Georgetown areas? Curious about new developments nearby? 

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