As a buyer, you may have a ‘wish list’ for amenities you desire for your next home. Think about adding ‘age’ to this list. Keep in mind, some of the advantages/disadvantages I cover can be addressed by making improvements. 

Older Home Advantages

  • Older homes are often built by craftsmen who included beautiful hand-finished details
  • Land was most likely less expensive and lot larger, allowing for spacious gardens and outbuildings
  • They are located in established neighborhoods where zoning changes are unlikely. Many times they are closer to downtown areas and local amenities
  • Mature landscaping, trees and lawn

Older Home Disadvantages

  • Maintenance; at some point the wiring and plumbing will need replacing
  • Closets and bathrooms tend to be smaller; one car-garage vs two
  • Kitchen, bathrooms and HVAC systems probably need updating
  • Pricing may be high due of their proximity to schools and public transporation

New Home Advantages

  • Very little maintenance likely, possibly for years
  • Modern conveniences like built-in appliances, master suites, spacious bathrooms, and updated mechanical and plumbing systems
  • Builders warranty around 10 years on the structure and components for brand new homes
  • Energy efficiency; great for utility costs
  • Pricing may be higher, but can vary on availability of new homes in an area

 Disadvantages New Home

  • If a tract homes may be similar in design
  • Landscaping and trees (if there are any) are not well established
  • May be further away from city, downtown areas; longer commute times

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