When moving day finally arrives, make sure that you have everything under control with this essential check list.

Give yourself enough time

No matter how well prepared you are there are always those last-minute items that need to be packed away. To avoid running around at the last minute get up earlier to complete all tasks.

Have a list

Have a list of last minute tasks and tick off each one as completed.

Final check

Go through all rooms, cupboards, storerooms, garage and the garden to ensure that nothing has been forgotten. Count the boxes when they are loaded and also when they are unloaded.

Meet the movers

Once the movers arrive, establish who is in charge and make sure he has a list where he will note of each item loaded. Give them a tour of the house and show them which items need to be handled with care and which pieces of furniture need to be disassembled. All boxes should have been numbered and labeled by you. Make sure the movers have access to a toilet and have plenty drinking water available for them. Also have tip money on hand; you may have two difference crews for packing and unpacking.

Supervise the move

Be around to supervise, assist and answer any questions while your possessions are being loaded.

Double check

Before the moving van leaves give your place a final sweep for any forgotten items. Double check and sign the list of all your stuff. This is the time to remove any garbage and do a final clean.

On arrival at your new place

Have someone stationed at the moving truck when loading and unloading as well as having someone at the house directing traffic. Once everything is unpacked and checked it is proper to tip the movers; they have also had a long day!

First things first

Most items will stay in their boxes over the next few days but you will have to unpack your essentials. Put up some curtains for privacy and to keep the early morning light out and then, after an extra-long day for you and your family put up your feet and relax.

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